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Writing the Right Stuff (Yet another random post)

Posted: November 15th, 2010 | No Comments »

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am here right now blogging live from my room at 6:35AM. I am not yet sleepy and i don’t have any plans of sleeping. My body wants to lie down and enter dreamland while my mind is telling me to write the right stuff in order to turn my dream into reality.

Playing with Words

I write for a living. I write for a tabloid, I write in my blogs and I write screenplays hoping to be recognized one day. I live because i write. I believe that it is the only medium i can freely express myself. I am not a ‘showy’ person and i am not even vocal in real life. I think i only have the power to make someone i love feel special when i write something about him/her.
I have a lot of draft posts found in my dashboard and i really […]

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