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Year in Review: 2015 Travel Highlights

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Travel in Boots
Year in Review: 2015 Travel Highlights
January 2015: Yokohama and Kamakura If you have been following this blog, you must know that my mother and brother came to visit me here last year. It was their first time in Japan and they experienced a lot of first times too. First time in a cold country and first time to see snow. Yep! It snowed
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Year in Review: 2015 Travel Highlights
Ada Wilkinson

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Switching to a new theme this 2016

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Because it’s already 2016 and I’m still not updating this blog as frequently as 5 years ago, I think I need to switch to another theme. A theme that is very light (preferably no javascript at all, just plain CSS+HTML), lightning fast, and can easily reach Pagespeed grade of 100. My old theme prior to this modified Timepiece theme reached 99% in GTMetrix for both Pagespeed and Yslow results, but this new one is quite slower compared to the old one (97%, but still not really slow compared to the majority of websites and blogs around the world). After googling for fast WordPress themes with no javascript, I found this one, called Frank. Maybe I’ll use it as my base theme. Still skeptical whether I’ll go for the default WP 2016 theme by Takashi Irie or just use Frank’s theme, or perhaps create my own theme.
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll […]

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