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Tips for First Timers Attending Comic Convention

Posted: May 27th, 2017 | No Comments »

I just went to Vegas last April and I can’t wait to get back for more! This June, Vegas will have another Comic Convention and I am excited to see what they have to offer!

I have attended many comic conventions in the Philippines and I think attending one in the US will be a more exhilirating experience. 

Are you excited for your first ever comic con experience? If so, there are particular tips to consider so you can enjoy your first time. Aside from wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, you also need to bring your comic con supplies. But there are more things to keep in mind before you attend such convention wherever that is. Today, we will help you prepare for the Las Vegas Comic Con which will be happening this coming June 23 to 25.

How Comic Con Conventions Work
If it’s your first time to attend a comic con, it’s […]

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Why you should NOT buy Bitcoins from Coins.ph

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I love Coins.ph, it’s convenient to buy mobile load, pay bills, and to send cash to anyone even without an ATM card or bank account. I recommended Coins.ph as a way to buy Ethers in the Philippines in my previous post. I even referred my friends to sign-up at Coins.ph to start investing and trading Bitcoins. But now, I don’t recommend them if you want to buy Bitcoins. Their price spread is way too large compared to other Bitcoin exchanges out there.

If you live in the Philippines, there are a lot of places to buy Bitcoins, but are too expensive (i.e. coins.ph, localbitcoins.com, etc). But there’s one place where you can buy BTC at a fair price, and guess what? It’s the first Bitcoin company established in the Philippines. It’s https://www.buybitcoin.ph/. Unlike Coins.ph where you have a Bitcoin wallet, Buybitcoin.ph is just a platform where you can buy Bitcoins, for […]

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Traveloka App 101: How to take advantage of hotel promos

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Signing up and subscribing in travel websites have a lot of advantages especially if you’re the type of person who travels frequently or you simply need an inspiration and just decide on a whim if…
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Where to buy Ethers in the Philippines?

Posted: May 1st, 2017 | No Comments »

Let’s go straight to the point. Where to buy Ethers if you’re located in the Philippines. Oh wait, you don’t know what Ethers are? Read this Wikipedia article about Ethereum, or this very nice Infographic by Genesis Mining about Ethereum, then continue reading this post. So now you have an idea what Ethers, ETH and Ethereum are. To summarize what you just read (or if you didn’t even bother to read it) ETH = Ether (not to be confused with NYSE:ETH). Ether is a cryptocurrency token in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Familiar with Bitcoin? If you’re familiar with BTC, then ETH is slightly similar but not exactly the same. But wait, I just said above that I’ll go straight to the point.
So… where to buy ethers in the Philippines? Currently there are no PH-based crypto platforms and online wallets that lets you buy ethers, which sucks. But you can buy some good […]

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