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Nyok Nyok Nyok!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a breed of humanity out there, indistinguishable from others before it – unless you know what to look for. Like subtle differences in outlook, odd skills, curious behavior, and strange attachment to the word “Nyok“. These group can only speak and pronounce the work nyok and nyok alone.

These living beings were grown up with books full of Nyoks on each and every page. They were known as a studious culture defined through constant reading, researching, and studying. The first purely genius generation. They have practiced constructivism since infancy, has been transformed into something never before seen in human history, – a purely intelligent and smart society. With special skills, codes, and rituals all its own.
Here’s a recorded and written conversation of two intelligent Nyokers:
Nyoker 1: Nyok Nyok.. Nyok??!?!
Nyoker 2: Nyok!!!
Nyoker 1: Nyok?? Nyok…………. Nyok […]

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Spying Over Burn After Reading

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My post title should be “Nuffnang Philippines’ First Movie Premiere for Bloggers” but after reading the mechanics twice, I found out that I missed one very important instruction: 4. Publish your entry with the uniform title Spying Over Burn After Reading. That’s why I changed it without hesitation because I might get disqualified. Heehee…

Nuffnang Philippines will have its first movie premiere for bloggers at Robinson’s Galleria. If you’re a Nuffnanger and you want to join the said event, you need to write an entry in your blog stating that you wanna join and why. That’s what I’m doing right now. I wanna join! I wanna join! I wanna join! and… why? Because I love the movie! Haha! (plastic ) Yey!
And also… ahmmm.. you need to embed this picture below in your post!

And that’s it! You’re in!
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I’m Featured in Nuffnang and Inquirer.net! Yehey!

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I know this is a late news, but I just want to announce to those who didn’t know yet. Hehehe. I’m this month’s featured blogger of Nuffnang Philippines and I’m also featured in Inquirer.net’s Blog Addicts. I’m not really featured, I’m just mentioned together with two of the most influential gay bloggers in the Philippines today! Haha! (No No.. I’m not gay.. arrghhh!)

Inquirer.net Screenshot (Inquirer.net is the website of one of the Philippines’ leading newspapers)

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the Month of November Screenshot

And oh! I’m also featured in the Belo Medical Group website! Yipeee! (Go to Press Room > Featured Blogs)

Pasensya na mababaw kaligayahan ko kaya mga press mention binablog ko.. wahehe..
That’s all for now lah! ^_^
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