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Jehzlau Concepts Evolution

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This post is all about the evolution of my blog. I will write about the chronicles of Jehzlau Concepts by showing you what this blog looked like way way back before it had an ugly header. While I was browsing my old pictures here in my laptop, I found out that my logo before was worse compared to my present logo. More about the history of Jehzlau Concepts after the jump!

The chronicles of Jehzlau Concepts (Click the image for a larger preview).
This is my first header way back 2006. I really love this because it was unique (to my eyes before), even if it looks terrible (to my eyes now).

After a year, it was changed to this narcissistic header. These images were taken from the employee attendance system of the company where I was working before. Everyday when you log in and out, a picture of you will be saved […]

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Need Suggestions on Parts of a Desktop PC

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I’m planning to buy myself a Desktop PC this Christmas from HP and I’m contemplating between an HP Pavilion Elite m9299d Desktop PC or HP Pavilion s3690d Slimline PC. But I realized that I can save more If I assemble my own Desktop PC. I need suggestions from PC/Hardware geeks or not geeks out there of what parts to buy for maximum PC performance (on gaming, photo editing, video editing, eating, swimming, and everything that we can do inside Milky Way Galaxy).

I’m eyeing on an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor , 2 GB DDR2 Memory (or 4GB if I can make use of it), and 1TB SATA HDD. I don’t know what Motherboard to buy, what Graphics Card to buy (nVidia GeForce, ATI Radeon or any better??), and other important specs of a PC to consider. My reason why I’m buying an HP Pavilion is to have my very […]

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My First Sony Experience is with my Sony DSC-T200

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I always carry my nifty Sony DSC-T200 camera with me. This is my very first Sony gadget. This blog bought this for me a year ago (the earnings from this blog of course, not literally this blog, heehee…). I was super satisfied with its performance and it greatly serves its purpose for me (To take pictures). I really love it because it’s handy, stylish and takes great images.

It was like a DSLR in stealth, disguised in a small and compact metallic casing. I’m really impressed with this camera specially when taking photos in macro mode. It can take astounding close-up shots just like a Digital SLR.
Here are some macro photos and panoramic portraits courtesy of my very own Sony DSC-T200:
A fresh strawberry during our breakfast in Baguio.

A yellow flower in Manor Hotel, Baguio City.

A candle without flame somewhere in Greenbelt 5.

A Starfish close-up shot in the seashores of Panglao […]

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