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Jehzlau Concepts Evolution

Posted: December 18th, 2008 | No Comments »

This post is all about the evolution of my blog. I will write about the chronicles of Jehzlau Concepts by showing you what this blog looked like way way back before it had an ugly header. While I was browsing my old pictures here in my laptop, I found out that my logo before was worse compared to my present logo. More about the history of Jehzlau Concepts after the jump!

The chronicles of Jehzlau Concepts (Click the image for a larger preview).
This is my first header way back 2006. I really love this because it was unique (to my eyes before), even if it looks terrible (to my eyes now).

After a year, it was changed to this narcissistic header. These images were taken from the employee attendance system of the company where I was working before. Everyday when you log in and out, a picture of you will be saved […]

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