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Who’s part of the PLDT Ultera Barkada family?

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I recently heard about the reveal of the PLDT Ultera barkada from PLDT Home’s website. You can also see it through the Youtube video below that was published a few weeks ago. Check it out to see who’s part of the Ultra-fun barkada.

So if you’ve watched the video above, you’ll definitely know who are the new PLDT Home Ultera barkada family. I am only familiar with some of them, but if you’re a local sports fan, you’re definitely—or most probably—familiar with entire barkada.
The PLDT Ultera Barkada is composed of top volleyball athletes in the Philippines. The UAAP Season 77 MVP and the Shakey’s V-League 2015 Conference MVP Alyssa Valdez and twin towers Jaja (Shakey’s V-League 2015 Finals MVP) and Dindin Santiago (Shakey’s V-League 2013 Conference MVP). With the Philippine Super Liga 2015 Finals MVP and sexy hot athlete Rachel Anne Daquis, another volleyball player named Mika Reyes (UAAP Standout), also […]

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After almost 1 year

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I’m back! Since last year, I have 13,669 blocked malicious login attempts in this blog and 2,177,463 spam comments blocked by Akismet. Thanks to Jetpack, WordPress, and Akismet for making this blog secure during my long, unanticipated hiatus. I’ve never been 100% offline. I’m actually always online via e-mail, Lifebit, and Ingress. I just don’t have enough–ahmm I don’t know which word should I use– “blah blah blah” to update this blog as often as I update it during the first decade of the 21st century. This sucky game called Ingress took most of my time since the first quarter of 2015. If you haven’t tried this augmented-reality massively-multiplayer online role-playing location-based game created by Niantic Labs yet, please do, and join the Resistance so that we’ll be on the same faction. I’ll give you guys some XMPs, MODs, Power Cubes, and Resonators to help you gain AP fast. […]

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