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BenCab Museum in 360

Posted: August 9th, 2017 | No Comments »

Bencab is one of my favorite places in Baguio. Every time I tour friends and family in Baguio, I always make sure to stop by Bencab Museum. They all love it! My cousin actually took a 360 photo of the place – stunning view!
While I’ve been here 3 or 4 times, I was always on a rush! I was either keeping a schedule or we just don’t have enough time to explore. I’m not really an artsy person but I do appreciate all the art that’s found here. What I’m after is the ambience and the contrast of a modern artistic world vs. nature. Take a look outside the building and you will find a beautiful garden, fenced by a group of hills. This is the view I’m after. And if I were to go back, I’d love to just sit by the garden, drink coffee and eat some pastries […]

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