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Crypto Currency PHP Tracker + Live Race Viewer

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According to various Scientists (Yeah. I made this up), those who bought crypto currencies were monitoring it since the day they bought it. And when the price drops while looking at the graph, they tend panic, and sell their cryptos at loss. They are very scared, thinking that it will dip more. This idea came to my mind one day, to monitor prices in a different way. Instead of charts and graphs that goes up and down, why not make them run going forward, like they are racing endlessly to the moon. This will mentally set your mind that the price will increase someday, but it will take time. Getting to the moon from earth will definitely take time. Hahaha!
So I made a web app that actually entertains, so that you won’t be depressed anymore if the price drops while looking at those red candlesticks and logarithmic charts. Developed […]

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