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Davao Dream Adventure!

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    If one may ask “what to do in Davao” I would normally answer: Eat Durian OR see the Philippine Eagle. After a wonderful trip thanks to Airphil Express I have definitely more than just those two answers above. But for today’s post I’m gonna talk about the one thing I will continually rave […]
Davao Dream Adventure! is a post from: Through the Focal Glass
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Partying since Two Thousand and Late

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When people ask for my profession I always say I’m a CPA – Certified Party Animal!
We get a good laugh and then I’d say “I’m kidding, seriously… I’m a licensed CPA” – and they still laugh thinking I’m still joking >.<  Do I really look like a dumb bimbo that no one believes I’m a CPA?
For starters, here’s me in my Oathtaking Ceremony that happened sometime in 2007

Is it an abandoned profession?  I don’t know, who knows… but for now I’m resting my left brain and I’ve been utilizing my right brain with blogging and many other things!  But for now, I’m just your average Certified party animal
My blog has been flooded with party pictures.  It’s just in my system.  I love music, dancing, meeting new people and having a good time with friends.  It’s always fun celebrating
Party Acts of Randomness
#1 I take crappy photos when […]

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Most Memorable Dim Sum Lunch at Crystal Lotus Hong Kong Disneyland

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Before I start the post, here’s a flower to all of my readers

Flowers are everywhere and I can’t help but take snapshots of it!
Before anything else, I just want to say that writing this blog post is such a torture.  It kept on getting me hungry just by viewing these photos again.
When Vince and I traveled to Hong Kong again, we decided to focus our stay on Disneyland for 3 days, stay in Disneyland Hotel and enjoy, relax and be kids again.  Well, we are kids at heart anyway
We left Manila at around 9am and arrived in Hong Kong at 11am.  We flew via Cebu Pacific and slept throughout the trip.  I remembered both of us did not get any much sleep at all, thus we were so excited for our vacation!  Since Disneyland Hotel is very near the airport, we decided to just cab it.  […]

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Sony Cybershot Luxe Wear Collection Philippine Fashion Week 2011

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This one is a quickie.  It was a very hectic week for me as I had to juggle work, shoots, pole dancing and the grand Philippine Fashion Week 2011.  I wasn’t able to go to everything but I knew I had to go to Sony Cybershot and Vaio fashion shows because they will be featuring a lot of local designers!

Thank you to the Sony team for giving me a seat up front <3  It was hard or me to take photos while I watch the models walk by me.  So I took just a few photos so that I can enjoy the fashion show   Here it is:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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Being Sick on your 24th Birthday

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BDAY BACKLOG: So, I finally turned 24 last May 6. It was a Friday and compared to my previous birthday celebrations, i opted to have a simple one this year. Why? Because i am sick and lazy. Having cough, colds and mild headache on your supposedly special day will truly make you feel lazy. Prior […]

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Hosting Blues

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Part of my growth as a blogger was developing a sense of dependence on hosting my own files and of course my blog. Of course I attribute my migration from free platforms to self hosting to my best friend who pushed me into it. (and I have no regrets ever since) But of course everyone’s […]
Hosting Blues is a post from: Through the Focal Glass
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Paid Apps on Android, now available

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Paid Apps on Android, now available is a post from: Batang Yagit
Paid Apps on Android, now available is a post from: Batang Yagit Yey! Good news for us Android users. Paid Apps on the Android Market is now open for Philippines. I first noticed the changes yesterday morning when I started downloading updates for the apps stored on my Samsung Galaxy S. Please take a look […]


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First Starbucks in Davao Opens

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The very first branch of Starbucks has finally opened in Davao City, Philippines. This branch is the second Starbucks in Mindanao. Late last year, Cagayan de Oro opened the very first branch in Mindanao. And just like what happened in CDO, Starbucks Davao, which is located in Abreeza Mall, was an instant hit with the […]

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The Coca-Cola Music Studio for Pinoy Music Pride

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Music makes me happy and it is definitely a big part of our lives as I myself can’t imagine a day without music! Even when I’m down, I would always find comfort in music.  When I’m happy, I’d love to dance with it!  And when I’m hyper – I sing to it!  You will often find me featuring different songs and artists on my blog from international artists, decoding lyrics to featuring our own local flavor as well.  I also appeared in the new music video of April Boy Regino and his son JC Regino (ehemz ehemz link here).  I was also a part of the first music video of independent solo artist Chris Masami.
Coca-Cola Music Studio

If you love music like me, here’s some good news for the local music industry!  Coca-Cola just launched their “Coca-Cola Music Studio” website where you can witness the country’s top musicians from different genres […]

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And the winner of the iPad is…

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Yup!!! SherWeb already made a final decision of who has the best and most creative entry, the one who really deserves the iPad. I will now open the envelope containing the name of our one and only deserving winner! *opening the imaginary envelop*. Drum rolls please….!!! And the winner is no other than..!!!

Wait! Before I announce the winner, I will give you a chance to win $100.00 USD as a special prize! All you need to do is guess who the winner is by answering the super simple puzzle above.
Even if your answer is correct, but you don’t have an explanation of how did you solve the puzzle and come up with that answer or your explanation is wrong, then your answer is still invalid.
Example of how to answer the puzzle:
The winner of the iPad is Jehzeel. Based on the puzzle above, the blue stickman figures are forming a single […]

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Fast Lane – Pacquiao Fight and Fast 5

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Last week everything pretty happened fast for me!  Did you know that I’ve been Pole Dancing almost everyday? So much has happened last week I feel like a superwoman!
But of course, I pause from time to time to enjoy wondrous gifts of life like MOVIES and oh yeah, Pacquiao vs Mosley fight!
Fast 5! ZOOOM!

First off, I highly recommend you to watch Fast 5!  I love fast cars and I enjoyed this movie a lot!  Just don’t over analyze the movie ok? Coz you won’t enjoy if you do… and if you do watch, make sure to watch till the credits!
Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley!
Another fast thing that happened over the weekend were Manny Pacquiao’s PUNCHES!

*screenshot from my laptop watching through PLDT Watchpad ^_^
But we were also watching through the LCD TV in Yellow Cab!

Gotta love watching boxing with PIZZA!

Was feeling a little bit under the weather but […]

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FlairCandy Ovi App for Nokia Is UP!

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I just set this up over the weekend and you can now download this FREE Nokia Ovi app on your Nokia phones
For those on iPhone, Android and Blackberry – I’m still making me apps for those platforms XD
You can view the FlairCandy app on Ovi here.

This actually includes my Twitter feeds and latest YouTube videos

IKR, it’s official!

Viewing the Flaircandy app on my own Nokia e63.
Don’t you know that you can make your own Nokia Ovi app too?  Just follow the instructions on the Ovi app wizard and you’re ready to go! It’s free and very easy to set-up!  So make an app for your blogs too and make your blogs officially MOBILE!
Hannah Banana Tralala
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Share […]

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Sizzling Summer Soundtrack Contest

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Win this awesome gadget!!!
We actually guested Divoom speakers on Tek Tok TV just recently and they are giving these away!

Win this iTour Ozzo by putting together your getaway soundtrack!
Here’s how you do it:
1) Create a summer mixtape. Minimum of 3 songs, maximum of 5. 2) Upload it somewhere (we recommend Mediafire/blip.tv) 3) Post the link on the Divoom FB page (facebook.com/DivoomPH), and then we’ll have people listen and vote for it. 4) Most number of votes by May 10, 2011 wins 5) Winner gets an iTour Ozzo
Scorching heat aside, everybody looks forward to the summer. Whether it is to frolic by the beach or get some cool, fresh air up in the highlands – a summer getaway is a must-have for the weary city slicker.
And of course, no getaway is complete without […]

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Marche Morato Bazaar Opportunities and Shopping

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Hi Guys!  A friend of mine is organizing a weekend bazaar that’s happening on June 3 -4, 2011.
Calling out all entrepreneurs! Be part of the Marche Morato bazaar!  It’s a 2-day grand bazaar at 55 Events Place, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
Join the bazaar to find new partners, find new innovations, make sales contacts, reach decision makers, see what the competition is doing and most of all, enjoy on-site sales!

Event Title: Marche Morato (A weekend bazaar)
Date and Time : June 3 to 4, 2011 / from 12:00Noon to 12:00Midnight
Venue: 55 Events Place, Scout Rallos St. Tomas Morato, Quezon City
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Songkran Thai Restaurant: Milk Tea and More

Posted: May 7th, 2011 | No Comments »

If you find yourself in Paranaque, be sure to go inside BF Homes and drive through Aguirre Ave. Because you’ll see here a lot of good restaurants where you can eat – one of them Songkran Thai Restaurant. Songkran means “astrological passage” in Thai – the Songkran Festival is their traditional New Year’s Day. And […]

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