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Let your sporty feet run! World Balance Shoes Giveaway

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That’s right! World Balance just collaborated with Adaphobic.com to showcase their trendy shoes this summer that’s perfect for running and traveling! Having an active lifestyle like running or sports activities keeps you healthy and helps slow Alzheimer’s Disease. And when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, World Balance is your feet’s perfect partner for traveling, […]

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Smart Live All Out LABORacay Weekend

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Living in the present moment creates the experience of eternity.
― Deepak Chopra
Age is attitude.  We can live youthful forever!
Cues Ke$ha’s song “Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.”  and Taylor Swifts “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22″ and all the crazy fun songs that just embodied our Laboracay weekend with Smart Live All Out Party!
I hope you did follow #SmartLiveAllOut hashtag on Twitter and instagram.  We have been posting all our photos of the fun-filled weekend!  I hope there’s a part 2 because I just want more of this!
Here’s a recap of my FUN weekend that was, but will always be in my heart LIVE ALL OUT!!!

I broke my personal record!

Longest stay in Boracay (8 days, 7 nights!) one fully loaded week!
Longest simultaneous partying (7 nights)

achieved 80% alcohol in my blood (I kid you! I have a very nice functional liver and […]

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Movie Review: The Bride and The Lover

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Last Wednesday, Maki and I met up in Trinoma Cinema to catch the first screening of ‘The Bride and The Lover’. It is the only Filipino Film on the line-up of films launched that day. It is the newest…

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Make money online by doing the things you love

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It is that time of the year once again, the time of the year when people get to showcase their assets – bulging muscles and chiselled man meat, Curvaceous sun kissed lady figure clad in a seductive swimwear, and sexy brains oozing with creative juices. Yup, you read it right, it is the time of the year when sexy brains rule! Guys and Gals, its summer time once again which means another chance to get our brains pumped up for some extra cash!!! And because of this, 199 jobs have come up with ways to help you make this time of the year the best.

Summer usually means vacation and parties but for the rest of us it usually means low funding. This is especially true for the students, who lose their allowance privileges when there is no schooling. But have no fear, 199jobs provides various opportunities for everyone who is […]

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Happy 5th Anniversary to FlairCandy.com!

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It’s been a great year so far Actually, every year keeps getting better and better compared to the previous ones.  I hope it continues to follow this pattern for the many years to come.
Quite frankly, I’ve been busy with online and offline things.  I’m transitioning to a new job, moving houses, blogging, tending to my heart (lol) and many other things.  Everyday, is a great day to fulfill a dream, and to follow my heart’s beat.
I’m writing this at the restaurant Balcony of my hotel in Boracay.  Don’t be envious, you don’t know how much hard work I put in to make my dreams possible.  Sometimes I don’t get to sleep enough, had to make crazy hard decisions, prioritize and sacrifice a few things to get the things that I want and need in my life.  Yesterday, I only had 1 hr sleep in 2 straight days.  yeah. […]

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