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No Woman No Cry – Unlocked

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He’s not Bob Marley!  But he just made a very good cover of it… so listen first and enjoy…

So what does the song mean???
Bob Marley’s song “No Woman No Cry” has brought confusion to the listeners.
I have always thought that “No Woman No Cry” is an if-then statement.
[IF] there’s no woman, [THEN] There’s no cry… and I was like… I don’t dig this song so much!  It’s like erm, Bob wants no woman?
But then Jamaican English is different from the standard English and it should be interpreted as “No, Woman no cry” and not “No Woman, no cry”.
Translation in standard English, “Woman, don’t cry.”  *phew* way to go Bob, you’re my raggamuffin hero!
It makes perfect sense if you interpret it  as “Woman, don’t cry” if you read the lyrics below..

In this great future you can’t forget your past, So dry your tears
I say and to my peeps who passed away,
No […]

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