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Surf’s Up 2009

Posted: August 31st, 2009 | No Comments »

Surf Season’s coming!  Usually it’s starting now but lately there’s just no waves on the beaches.  Hopefully by September there would be some swell coming up!  Definitely the months of October to December got really big crazy waves!
Preparing for surf season
1.  Buy Sunblock or Tanning lotion!
It depends whether you want to stay fair or get tanned, the important is, get protected from the Sun’s UV harmful rays!  Also, you might want to buy an anti-jellyfish lotion as well!
2.  Check out the swell forecast before planning your surftrip!
magicseaweed or wetsand
3.  Where to surf in the Philippines?

La Union – ideal for beginners

In the Philippines, LU should be the first beach you visit if you’re just trying out surfing.  The beach is friendly because it’s just sand bottom.  You can surf here without really knowing how to swim because you can surf at around 5 ft.  Plus, there are a lot of surf […]

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