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The Amazing Intel Chase – Yellow Team

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I am hungry for action and I need speed!
Therefore, joining races is my thing!
I have joined a lot of races before. Won a few, lose a few but no matter what the outcome is, I just love the thrill of joining a race. I would do things I’d never thought I do like eat a pig’s brain. I also raced the circuit and went out of town in our own car.
This time, I was with techie geeky people, fellow bloggers, tech media people and computer shop retailers.
Thank you so much to Intel and to Strategic Edge for inviting me to be a part of this
We are team Yellow!

That’s me and my team left to right: Oliver, me and Albert
This race is all about speed and action. 3 cities, 5 teams, 3 members each – one goal – To win the Amazing Intel Chase!
We got eliminated first […]

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