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2009 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Results

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And so the Formula 1 drama continues here at the heat of the Bahrain desert!  The Ferarris finally scored 3 points for Kimi Raikkonen’s 6th position in this race…  Kimi really is my street driver hero… I know I might be biased about the F1 grand prix and I am disclosing it to you right now that I am pro-Ferrari and pro Kimi Raikkonen!
Why is it that everytime I watch the F1, Jenson Button wins? lol… the only time I missed watching F1 was when I was on a beach holiday and Mark Webber won the Chinese Grand Prix
I have nothing against Button and I think he deserves to win too but in my heart is Ferrari still and I have been supporting them for 2 years.  What will be the end of this championship?  I wonder myself heehee!  for now, here are the results after the Bahrain GP.

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