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2010: Traveling and Enjoying Life to the Fullest!

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Last year, i mentioned on my ‘Myx-ed 2010 Goals‘ that I’ll try my very best to go to England on my own. I was half serious about it and since going to any European country from the Philippines is not an easy one (with the visa application and the expensive airfare), i am very happy to say that i am now blogging from our home here in Rugby, Warwickshire in England

Ending the year @ Winter Wonderland

2010 is the year of travel for me. I’ve been to different provinces (mostly first time), five countries and i became a bit more open-minded with a lot of stuff related to traveling and life in general. Like what i mentioned in one of my previous posts,”Life is a journey – Go and travel’.
I’ll try to summarize my 2010 by month. Starting another yearender post makes me smile and thankful […]

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