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2016 – The Life Teacher

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Hey guys! I’m free-writing for now. Meaning, I don’t have any structure to this blog post. It’s all about my free-flowing thoughts that I type into writing. I miss doing this. This was how I started my blogging back in 2008. I wrote like it was my personal diary, but for all to see.
I want to review my 2016, so I can pursue with a better year ahead for 2017. So many things have happened, and while I lost so many things in 2016, I gained in experience.
So Busy
2016 was quite a hectic year for me. I got involved in so many things. This involved me becoming the liaison for our pole summer show, having a new job at a big company, realizing I grew another fibroadenoma leading to my 2nd cancer scare and of course, quitting my job and focusing on YouTube during my break.
Can’t do this without REAL […]

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