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Beyond the Beach, Bantayan Beckons!

Posted: March 4th, 2015 | No Comments »

Bantayan: A Promise of an Island Paradise

I didn’t sleep.
How could I? After years of not having visited the Island that became synonymous to the word “beach” in my mind, I’m finally able to go back and see Bantayan Island its beautiful beaches that do not disappoint. Even if I was only a little child when the family frequented Bantayan Island, my childhood was filled with memories of playing along the powdery white sands of the shorelines stretching for kilometers and kilometers across.  It even came to a point when people talked to me about Boracay, I would scoff and say, “Wala ra na sa Bantayan!” (That’s nothing compared to Bantayan!)
Such was my love for the beautiful Island with Cebu’s longest flat coast. This was contradictory to Cebu famously known for reef drops just a few seconds from the shore. What it lacked in easy access dive drops, it greatly compensated […]

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