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Boost Your Day with Berocca

Posted: October 28th, 2011 | No Comments »

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Every time I get sick, people would suggest for me to take Berocca.  I often ignore it because I usually don’t take vitamines because I’m lazy like that sometimes.
I get sick usually because I overwork myself or my immune system becomes less effective due to – lack of sleep, stress and maybe incomplete diet.
But over time, the name got stuck into my head.  Finally I had to try it since everyone is raving about it! I wasn’t sure if it functioned as a mouthwash medicine or as syrup or a tablet and what it really does so I made a research first.

Berocca is a soluble tablet that you drop in cold water.  You let it dissolve and drink it like juice.  It actually tastes just like a soda juice and it […]

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