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Boracay Open Ultimate Frisbee 2011 with Hygienix

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Everyone knows that I’m simply a beach person!  I’d love to imagine myself at the beach even when I’m in a busy city.  Since I daydream about the beach so often, and I dream so much about it… I sometimes find myself in one!
One day I woke up and found myself in one of my most favorite beaches in the world – Boracay.  I know it’s commercialized and all but that’s the way I like it!  Boracay has a special place in my heart and so does photography, sports and being healthy all the time!
So guess what? all the things I love was in one place!  Beach.  Frisbee.  my DSLR. and Hygienix!
I went to Boracay last weekend to cover the Boracay Open 2011 Ultimate Frisbee competition with Jane and Saab.  I know right? I was hanging out with online and offline celebrities!  Anyway, it was really a fantabulous experience hanging […]

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