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Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick in Manila for Penshoppe!

Posted: May 30th, 2011 | No Comments »

was reading the news over at pep.ph (shout out to the Karen!
and OH EM GEE!!! He is coming over to Manila!  I am like a die hard fan of him – the boy you love to hate on Gossip Girl!

I have been a fan of him since The Filthy Youth (his band) oh yes he sings the vocals! his band was featured in my blog as one of the very first posts I had on flaircandy.com. Oh yes, May 2008 is ancient in blogging years but hey! they are my 5th post!
and do you know that we are actually FRIENDS on MYSPACE! but of course he doesn’t maintain this now   at least I got lucky to view his personal pictures (ehemz) way back when he wasn’t so mainstream yet
… and uhm… I forgot my MySpace account already *dusts*

Anyway, he’s coming over in Manila in […]

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