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Congratulations to the Winners of BS4 to BS8 Puzzles!

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I will be posting the winners here, so watch out! Maybe you’re one of the winners of the previous puzzle series! My apologies for the delay, but rest assured that I will announce the winners on or before April 1, 2009. Weeeeeeeee! And also, make sure that your Paypal accounts are ready for cold cash! Yiheeeeee!

Check this post later for updates. I’m still filtering the correct answers and ranking them base on the time the answer was posted.
So good luck to those who feel that they made it! Hehe
UPDATE 04/01/09:
The genuises who answered the Blue Stickman Puzzles correctly in chronological order:
Richie – BS8 = March 20, 3:15 AM
Jonah – BS8 = March 21, 5:26 AM – 5th Placer
Neo – BS4 = March 22, 3:36 PM
Richie – BS4 = March 23, 1:52 AM
StarMars – BS4 = March 23, 7:34 AM
StarMars – BS8 = March 23, 7:56 AM – 4th Placer
Jen – […]

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