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Fujifilm X Series Cameras: XF1 and XE1

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | No Comments »

Last month marked the expiry of my uber extended blog events hiatus. After a noxious lengthy period of feeding on cold and stale food, existing within my minuscule rathouse of an apartment, and conversing with my only rational companion, Hp and Apple, I finally summoned all the energy in my emaciated body to free me from my self-imposed exile. I decided to take a walk around town and get some fresh air. And indeed, fresh air was what I got as my self-imposed exile ended with a visit to the product launching of FUJIFILM’s newest X series cameras.

Waiting for the Fujifilm XE1 and XF1 Camera Launch

The moment I stepped in the room, everything just suddenly came back. I remembered how wonderful it was to be human again. Everything inside the room was amazing and nice— shimmering lights, sparkling liquid in polished glasswares, aromatic treats for the […]

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