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How to Animate an Advertisement in GIF (Pacifica Online)

Posted: December 20th, 2010 | No Comments »

Most  people who are new to Web Designing are asking how to animate their designs. Even if it is an advertisement or just a button, you can animate it as long as you are making it in Photoshop
Now, we are going to animate an advertisement. You can also do it for your button, icon or anything that you want to be animated. This time, we are going to animate a 300×250 px (MREC) banner ad.
This banner ad sample is quite simple. I am going to create a banner ad for my brother’s Facebook Game App which is called Pacifica Online MMORPG. YES! My brother is the founder of the game together with his amazing team named  Nexus Pixels!
Now, here’s the new thing on this blog! Ahuhuhu! This is my first time to create a tutorial using video and it’s your first time to see my moving mouse […]

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