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MDPC at Pan De Amerikana Marikina

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Yesterday, I attended Marikina Digital Photographers Club’s (MDPC) 1st Year Anniversary at Pan De Amerikana Marikina. I’m not familiar with the place and I know there will be many photographers will come, so, I choose to arrive early.
Hot Pandesal for you

It’s raining but the show must go on. The program started with a dramatic prayer and an emotional National Anthem. We have some portrait photoshooting but I don’t think I did great because of my direct flash! I will post it until I finished editing.


They have a big chess area for Masochists.

Vintage Walls

Just grab some chess and play on the tables.

Little Pond.

They have free lessons!

The baker.

The area is also a WiFi Zone, perfect combination for coffee and pandesal.

This is the whole area’s ceilings. Nature friendly and cool.

The restaurant is very vintage looking. Very classic, but uses cheap materials such as woods, clays, etc., which gives a long lasting aged aura.

I […]

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