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Meeting Kaname Japanese Cosplayer at Cosplay Mania 2012

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I can’t help it! I can’t get over it! I just can’t believe I finally met this guy who I’ve only seen in photos! Cloud is one of my favorite characters and this guy just knows how to make that character real!

*don’t know where or who to credit this photo but it’s all over the internet
There are many great Cloud cosplayers but Kaname is my favorite!  
Perks of my job for TV5 is I get special access to events like this! Cosplay Mania 2012!
Where Kaname was just 5 feet away from me!

and he photobombed us
“nahiya naman kami sa kanya noh!”

He sits as one of the judges for the Cosplay competition
and did I mention he smiled a few times at me? KALOKA! I’ve never had fangirl moments like […]

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