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My Mobile Internet Usage

Posted: July 29th, 2011 | No Comments »

Smart recently just announced their new “Always On”  mobile internet packages.
For the amazing price of P300 for 30 days!
The catch here is, it is not time based – not unlimited usage for 30 days.  Instead, you will be given 250MB to use for that whole 30 days.
I don’t track my mobile internet usage but that made me really think of what my actual internet mobile usage is.
First of all, I use internet at home when possible or Wifi spots when I’m out.  So what I do when I’m mobile is:

check emails
Google stuff like restaurant numbers or location
plurk, foursquare, tweet and facebook
Check the social media accounts I manage (I use Seesmic for mobile)
chat on fring / instant message
maybe blog sometimes

It differs for everyone and my mobile activity might be different from yours.  If you want to track your mobile internet usage, you can download Traffic Monitor by RadioOpt GmbH.  Or you […]

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