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How’s your school days guys and gals? Welcome back to my blogsite!
After designing my sister’s wordpress theme, I tried to sit back and relax at my bedroom and thinking of my future career. Ah.. I don’t want to think about it for the mean time. While sittin’ on my bed, my idea clicked me to photography. Later on I will show you how to make an old-fashioned effect of photography.
Cozenshock: Nostalgic Photography Effect

Nostalgic means “old-fashioned” style. I took this photo in a very simple shot and edited it in Photoshop to make it Retro/Nostalgic photography. Hmm.. Maybe not the perfect one, but still look like oldish He is Lans from CozenShock.com; he blogs about the entertainment and new knowledge using its resources such as photographs, reviews and other trivia. Nice representation on this shot, imagine he holds camera.

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