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Of chasing and becoming

Posted: October 18th, 2015 | No Comments »

It’s been a month already. Just a month but it felt like forever. Those were the most trying days of my life and I thank God everyday I am surviving.
I may have had bad judgment calls one after the other– things I did that I may or may not regret few years from now, but the thing I definitely do not regret is going after what I want in life: to go on an adventure of knowing myself better, and chasing after the things I might be passionate about.
It wasn’t easy, knowing what to do. It wasn’t easy at all. I have always had short attention span when it comes to interest and hobbies and whatnots. But having no doubts about myself, knowing that I could pursue anything I set myself up for, and not being answerable to anyone give me a certain sense of freedom and individuality.
I know I […]

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