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Partying in Hong Kong

Posted: June 30th, 2011 | No Comments »

It all just happened that Vince’s friends from San Diego where at the same place and at the same time as we were.  Vince and I were visiting Hong Kong again while it’s still cold there and his friends took a pit stop in Hong Kong for their Asia backpacking trip.
I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times, what can I say, I love the food and the sights here.  But, I’ve never been out to experience the night life.  I have planned to go out a few times but since I don’t know any locals in HK, it was hard.
I think the best way to explore the city is to befriend a local  
You have virtualtourist.com, travelocity and many other sites that will let you know where to go so in case you don’t know anyone, just do your research online.
But, lucky for us… vince’s friends know some […]

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