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Your friends beg you not to go out with them because they are good for nothing! Jerks, douche, attthhhholezzz! Even Kanye begs you to run away as fast as you can!
But there’s something about players that I appreciate – romance and all that shindig!
They know how to make a woman feel good. They know how to please a woman. They’re dangerous but fun!
They have a lot of girls swooning over them, but he’s got his eye on you.
You call them bolero. But admit it, uou feel good when they try to compliment you and say nice things about you. Magaling sila!
They’re both good with words and action.
Best of all – playahs make you feel like a princess!
And a princess you will feel – like Cinderella who has a 12 mn curfew. When the clock strikes midnight, she is back to her little world. […]

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