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PLDT Awesome Hunt Launch at Republiq

Posted: March 31st, 2011 | No Comments »

I have been to many PLDT events before and I say they know how to PARTY! First we rocked at Magnet and did some Rockeoke. Then at Encore with the PLDT Watchpad contestants. Last saturday, we partied at Republiq! Thanks to everyone at Saatchi and PLDT for giving us unlimited supply of jello shots and Vodka!

I am notorious for going to clubs on my sneakers yeah that’s right… Heels can’t make me dance for the entire night! But, I don’t care, I love being comfortable
That night, check out my bohemian attire >.<

Good thing, Republiq had a summer party going on too! So, I belong… with my oversized silk jeans I came from an acting workshop before this and didn’t have the time to change I wasn’t wearing makeup too so I took out my emergency makeup kit – just eyebrow powder and […]

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