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Rolser Trolleys: Fashionable Eco-bag Strollers

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | No Comments »

A few stores in the metro don’t allow any use of plastic bags anymore. It’s great cause it’s a worthy cause to save the environment. The downside is, it could be such a hassle to carry all your grocery items and other goods you shopped with a paper bag. This is where eco-bags come in handy.
I’m going to introduce you to a more comfortable solution: Rolser Trolleys

Rolser Trolleys are the ultimate shopping bags that are fashionable and comfortable to use!
Quite often stuff that dreams are made of appear from where you least expect it. Just like Rolser, a fashion-forward, eco-friendly line of trolleys made in Spain.
Whether you need an earth-friendly shopping bag (with wheels!) during one of your retail-therapy sessions; or need to lug around your laundry to the cleaners; or you’re at the grocery preparing for your dinner date at home, Rolser has a trolley to fit the mood […]

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