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Simplism Leather Smart Shell for iPad

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The main reason why I don’t like putting covers on my gadgets is because it gets bulkier and heavier sometimes. I appreciate companies who develop products that would cater to that problem and thankfully Simplism is one of the iPad covers that pass.
It’s leather so it looks stylish and built to last but at the same time, the design is light with lots of pockets!

Leather Smart Shell for iPad 2 Features:

PU leather shell for iPad 2 with a stand
Protect the display with a flip cover
Magnet flip for easy fit
Magnet flip corresponds to sleep on/off like Smart Cover
4 photo frame and 1 typing positions
6 card pockets
Inner plastic plate for better protection
Thin but tough
Direct access to all controls

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer
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