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Sun Cellular Name Your Number SIM for only P59

Posted: January 30th, 2013 | No Comments »

Last night, I had dinner with a few other Tech enthusiasts and we also got updated with the latest happenings on Sun Cellular network.

with my former co-worker Alora Guererro and of course, the online guru to health and wellness, YogaJane

Customization is IN
There’s something about customized items that really gets you interested, isn’t it? Customized tailored suits, customized shoes for running and customized phone number!
As far as I can remember, my friend who had his number customized to put 6 “zeros” (09xx-5000-000) cost him about Php 20,000!
Expensive right? But hey, you can do this now with a new Sun Cellular sim card that you can buy at Sun Shops for only P59!

So yesterday night, I got to try this feature, along with other bloggers. I was resisting to tweet about it (until I have taken domain of “HANNAH“) … unfortunately, it is already taken – so I just went […]

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