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The New Me

Posted: December 31st, 2009 | No Comments »

The New Me: I gained weight, and my skin is lighter! Read my success story!

I was born cute. ^^ Remembering old times, we can’t escape our unpleasant childhood memories.
During my childhood years, I am often mistaken as ampon. Probably because my siblings are fair-skinned, well-nourished, and have straight hair. While I am nog-nog, malnourished, and kulot.
I really don’t care about my looks that time. I seldom look in the mirror not aware that I look terrible and know nothing about beauty.
With my lack of physical beauty, I compensate by being a good person and boosting my personality. But why am I feeling like there’s something missing? How do I find the missing part?
I look into the mirror and I feel like it was talking to me. What did the mirror say? “You’re the ugliest kid I’ve ever seen. Payatot, nognog. Go away!” Then I realized what part of me is […]

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