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What Am I Doing?

Posted: January 1st, 1970 | No Comments »

As I type this now, I am watching a super light movie – a chick flick. Just so I can distract myself from my own thoughts. Well, it didn’t work, because now I have this urge to write. I don’t even know what to write about, I just know that it’s one of those days where I just feel heavily emotional. Yes, today, there is just much “feels” in my atmosphere. Is it because of Mercury Retrograde? I don’t really believe it but I do believe in energies and magnetic field.
I am going to confess what I’m watching. It’s a Hilary Duff movie “The Perfect Man”. They were talking about flowers and how it always works for women. Some “practical” girls would say they don’t want flowers because they’ll just wither and stuff. But if you ask me, it’ not even the flower alone, it’s the gesture of finding something […]

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