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Where to get Bunny or Rabbit Food in Manila

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Dog food is everywhere!  You can find it in grocery stores and the most basic of pet shops.
Sadly, there are not a lot of bunny stores in Manila.  Here are the pet shops that carry bunny food, well, the ones that I’ve been visiting so far.
1. Bio-Research
They used to have a branch in Robinson’s Manila, but it closed down. 
You can go to Greenhills branch (that’s in V-Mall, in front of the car park building )
Or, you can also go to Robinson’s Galleria.  I forgot which floor though so just ask the information desk, but they have more choices of bunny food there.
2. Petty Pets
Their only store (so far) is in SM Megamall A ground floor.  In front of either Shakeys or Pizza Hut (I forgot) It’s near the Entrance/Exit door.

They only focus on bunnies, birds, gerbils and hamsters.
I found the cutest little things!

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