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World Friendship Month with LipIce

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LipIce celebrates World Friendship Month with Facebook app!

Lip care products are exclusively distributed at all Watsons Beauty Stores.
LipIce is fun to use! It’s fun and trendy with one sweet purpose – to be your lips’ BFF!  Talk about healthy and fashionable lips while being protected too!  It has natural moisturizing ingredients and SPF15 sunscreen that will definitely give you a fun, cooling and refreshing sensation!  It comes with different flavors you can choose: Strawberry, Apple, Grape Blackurrant, Lemon and Orange Mandarin.
I like the Strawberry one!
Check out the Fruity Digital Note FB App
Lipice celebrates with My Awesome BFF World Friendship Month. BFF is your trusted friend through thick and thin. Your  BFF shares your fun and fears, laughter and tears, always there to help you be your best everyday. Just like them […]

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